Tanida Demo Builder 11.0 Crack Register Code

Name Tanida Demo Builder
Type Shareware
Operating System Windows XP / 7  / 8 / Win10
Minimal RAM 2GB | Free Disk 1GB
Lang English
Release 18/1/2016
Size 82MB
Status Full With Key
Description Download Tanida Demo Builder x86/x64 –  you can record the screen (screenshots or full-motion recording), which is particularly useful when you want to create a video tutorial and publish it on YouTube, for instance. Projects can be saved to file for further modifications or exported to Flash, H264, HTML5, AVI, WMV, MP4, WEBM, EXE, images or DOC. 
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Feature Direct your Movie:
– The Multi-Track Timeline
– Add Player Bar Controls
– Start and End Actions
– The “Auto” Functions
Edit your Movies:
– Record and edit Cursors
– Balloons, Notes, Texts and Animated Texts
– Use Animations to grab Attention
– Live Zoom Area
– Hide Sensitive Information
Create Movies:
– Record your Screen
– Import Media Files
Bring your Demos to life using Virtual Characters:
– Create a WOW Effect
– Direct your Character
Stunning Dynamic 3D Effects:
– Rotate on every Axis
– Scale and Zoom
Interactive Movies:
– Create Click Zones and Buttons
– Ask for Information in Edit Zones
Advanced Audio Features:
– Record Audio at Capture Time
– Narrate the Timeline
– Edit Audio
Publish and Share:
– Export for any Device
– Quick and Easy Sharing
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