FontLab Studio 5.2 Full Patch

Name FontLab Studio
Type Shareware
Operating System Windows XP / 7  / 8
Minimal RAM 2GB | Free Disk 1GB
Lang English
Release 1/11/2015
Size 15MB
Status Full With Serial code
Description Download FontLab Studio x86/x64 License Key –  You can add notes for each glyph, delete glyphs from the respective font family, such as connection corrections, interpolation, as well as use standard and advanced drawing tools to edit glyph looks, conversion (e.g. curves to PostScript), optimization, and guide alignment.
Password /  
Feature Multiple Masters – Make your own multiple master fonts with up to 4 axes. Extrapolate fonts beyond original limits
Type 1 Hinting – Add hints manually or automatically for beautiful screen and low-res fonts.
Actions – Outline, metrics and hinting transformations applicable to the whole font or to selected characters
Unicode – Full support for Unicode 4.1 with SMP codepoints and a new glyph template images (from Monotype Imaging), numerous encodings and multiple codepages, font reencoding
Font Header Editor – Access to all font properties, from names to supported codepages to TrueType-specific font metrics
VectorPaint Tools – Paint vector outlines with the ease of 8 bitmap-like tools and shaped brush strokes
FontAudit Technology – Automatically check your outlines during editing
Font Metrics and Kerning – Metrics and kerning editor with full class-kerning support, autokerning and full MM support.
OpenType Support – Import, create, edit, export and convert OpenType fonts (PS and TT). Better decompile font features to easy-to-read source code, export to VOLT or store original binary OT tables.
Screenshot FontLab Studio Key
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