AOMEI Partition Assistant Unlimited 5.6 Keygen

Name AOMEI Partition Assistant Unlimited 5.6.4
Type Shareware
Operating System Windows XP / 7  / 8
Minimal RAM 1GB | Free Disk 1GB
Lang English
Release 1/8/2015
Size 50MB
Status Full With License Key
Description Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Unlimited 5 License Key –  all-in-one drive partitioning solution and flexible hard disk management. you easier fix hard disk partition problems for Windows OS, the program guaranteeing you get the full features for creating, resizing, merging, deleting, splitting partition and etc
Password /  crackforpc
Feature Extend NTFS system partition without rebooting computer to reduce downtime.
Erase all data permanently so that it cannot be recovered any more.
Migrate OS from hard disk to solid-state drive (SSD), supporting MBR and GPT disk.
Upgrade storages with disk to disk copy, no need to reinstall Windows and applications.
Resize/move a partition or dynamic volume to maximize utilization of storages.
Easily allocate free space from one partition to another without losing data.
Merge adjacent two partitions into one, or merge unallocated space to a partition.
Partition alignment optimizes the drive for performance, especially for SSD.
Copy a partition from one hard drive to another for backing up data.
Screenshot - AOMEI Partition Assistant Unlimited 5.6.4 Key Free
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